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When MotorTrend needed to engage its
YouTube audience with a stylistic edit and
sleek presentation, they turned to
MediaMatic's editors for the perfect cut
that sells MotorTrend as the industry's
authority in automotive review.

Motortrend Buyer's Guide -2022 Ford Bronco Raptor

"From concept to final production,
MediaMatic team provided top-notch
video content that perfectly captured our goals."

Barbara McEvilley, Advanced Product Strategy
Toyota Motor Corp.

To demonstrate Final Cut Pro's editing capabilities, Apple and Volvo engaged MediaMatic to shoot a futuristic video that heightened Volvo's image and raised Final Cut Pro's status from consumer level to professional editing tool.

Volvo  - Demonstration Video

When Toyota's US division needed to produce a video presentation for headquarters in Tokyo, they partnered with MediaMatic to script, shoot, and edit a video that imagines what a Toyota product might look like in the future.

Toyota - Internal Development

When Buell needed a reliable team to shoot an image spot for an automotive convention, MediaMatic was brought in to bring a cinematic flavor to their product.

Buell Motorcycles

When MotorTrend needed to engage its social media  audience, they turned to MediaMatic's editors for a stylistic take on their YouTube show, "Buyer's Guide."

The finished video product was highly praised internally and by user comments.

MotorTrend Buyer's Guide - 2022 Porsche Taycan
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